How to Make Your Impossible Wishes Come True

Thought this would be a great share since Today is my Birthday and wanted to share Article that I came across. I will be using it today and Thanks for all the Pre B Day Wishes. I am still holding strong at 32 years young I have enjoyed this number a couple of years now and I am not moving.

Do you want to know how to make even the craziest wishes come true? Well here’s how.

You do need to remember one thing though, you cannot live in ideas alone, but need to do things to achieve your goals.


  1. Make wishes on your birthday. Yes, your birthday comes only once a year but did you also know it comes twice a day? Like say your birthday is May 17 you would make a wish at 5:17 am or 5:17 pm. If it’s August 15 it would be 8:15. So make sure you know which number your birthday month is. January is the 1st, December is the 12th, and June is the 6th. But if your birthday is something like April 8th it would be 4:08, okay?
  2. Write it down on paper and hide it in your pillowcase or underneath your pillow.
  3. Wish on anything and everything. This means from shooting stars to those pennies in the fountain- even a stray eyelash! There are many things that people choose to wish on- find yours.
  4. Work for them. Many “impossible” dreams have become possible. This often includes working toward your goal. Sometimes getting what you want requires this. To get to your dream job may take years of college.
  5. Decide- is it worth it? You have this life-long wish that you’ve been waiting practically since birth to come true. Well, will it? Is there any reasonable possibility, or are you just dreaming your life away? Are you willing to work for it? Consider these questions.


  • It takes time maybe over a year, Because I wished for my hair to reach my shoulders and 6 months later I straighten my hair and it was the exact same length I wished for so it takes time.
  • Because you’ll wish for it, you’ll forget about it, you’ll find it and you’ll find out it came true.


  • Don’t wish for anything mean like death.
  • Do not count on the magical wish fairy to grant everything. Things take time.

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