Mr. Tycoon is a thought leader that specializes in helping leaders see the world in new ways. He has used innovation, and future vision to build his own companies, and to advise clients. He speaks to audiences across the market spectrum and never fails to send them home with at least three new ideas that can be applied right away. Mr. Tycoon is one of very few people that can translate where trends are going how to apply them to Sales Systems with a high level of flair. It is also rare to find someone that has his combination of both “over the horizon” vision, and “in the trenches” experience. He is about TRANSFORMING, not informing.

Mr. Tycoon is a Global Transformational Leader, Celebrity coach- Speaker, & Author; he is considered one of the most influential leaders in the area of personal development (Self Mastery) and Corporate America’s #1 Sales System Architect.

Mr. Tycoon has been training and developing sales teams since 2005. Working with individual sale people in his own Real Estate Investment Firm, Direct Sales People as well as small regional companies, he has guided these sales teams and individuals to higher levels of success. This led to bigger Incomes!

Working with real companies with real sales issues and challenges has allowed him to learn what is really important to growing the top lines of his clients. Regarding the importance of sales training, it is a top priority of successful organizations. However, the execution of sales development comes in various sizes, shapes and delivery. Product knowledge is still getting the top billing in sales training – rather than the sales development leading to true competitive advantage in the marketplace. Mr. Tycoon has learned that “training events” have a low level of success. The top organizations use process development consisting of shorter- single topic- sessions with a progression over an extended period of time. This practice leads to significant gains in sales success.

“Mr. Tycoon’s Next Level Sale System” is more than a phrase – it’s the founding principle of his Success Sales System. It is the reason why he can still get excited about helping a group of sales people achieve more than they could dream of doing. Mr. Tycoon’s experience with sales individuals shows the “winner’s edge” starts with the mental mindset they possess. Winners have a competitive edge over others with the same level of skills. This is the foundation of success – the “inner game” of selling. This is why he has been tagged as America’s number Sales System Architect.

“My Business is Building People. Businesses don’t build People, People build Business and I Build People.”

Mr. Tycoon’s strength is developing sales teams to master major accounts, key accounts and large account selling. He has assisted numerous sales organizations in the transition from small sales to large account selling. Knowing the difference between traditional selling methods and interactive selling methods has differentiated his clients in the marketplace.

Mr. Tycoon understands the need for a basic and comprehensive sales training program that works. This is important to many organizations based upon what they sell and who their market is on a daily basis. Not everyone is a major account or key account sales person. These people need an excellent basic sales training process.