WANTED: Serious Investors Only...

We Are Looking For A Select Group Of Partners To Work
With One-On-One, And Start A Completely New
Wholesaling / Lease Options Business In Several New Cities

Our current team is looking to expand to several real estate markets throughout the country. Read this carefully...

This is NOT just about coaching or mentoring.
 We wholesaled 6 properties last week - and we want to do more deals.

My team and I are looking for several select partners that we can personally work with to open new markets and launch a complete wholesaling and lease options business from scratch.

If you’re struggling to get your business off the ground or just tired of trying to do this alone, then this may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

You’ll be working with me and my team personally… that means visiting my office in St Louis, where we will setup all your systems and schedule out all your marketing for you. You will be getting on the phone with us regularly each week, and perhaps even daily, to successfully do deals in your market.

The number of individuals that we can work with in each market is extremely limited, so this is strictly on first come, first served basis.


We will personally help you set up the ENTIRE wholesaling and lease options business systems and marketing... We wholesaled 6 properties last week - and we want to do more deals.

(NOTE: Our marketing strategies and systems are what is working in today’s market. These are the same tools that we are using in our own business todayto wholesale 6 properties in the last 2 weeks. We know they work and we only share them with our partners.)

Under Our Guidance And Supervision)



This partnership will require an investment from you in the following:

NOTE: Read the above again before applying. If you are broke and do not have any money, please do not apply. If you are not a serious action taker, ready to play with the big boys, please do not apply.

HOW TO APPLY (Serious Inquiries Only)

Click on the "Apply" button below and you'll be taken to our application page. Please fill out the form with as much information as possible so that we can understand your situation and determine if we will be a good fit working together.


The application is the only way to be considered for the partnership position. Please don’t reply to the email that we sent you here, as that shows us you weren’t paying attention.

Once you fill out the application we'll review it and then send you a text message asking further questions. We also may call you right away, so please be ready to made a decision. Please understand that we will choose ONLY those people we think will be a good fit.

Thank you!

- Mr. Tycoon

Do You Think You Have What It Takes?

"Yes, I have read the above information. I want to start doing deals in my market with Joe and Gavin. I understand that this is NOT coaching or mentoring. This is a legitimate opportunity to invest in marketing and partner with Mr. Tycoon in my market."

This is only available to people in a select few markets.

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