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This book was not written to preach, but rather to humbly teach. My charge in life is to Inspire, Educate, and Elevate you to move to the next level – whatever that means for vou. Success Is Not a Secret... It's a System was written to inspire everyday people into becoming exceptional people. How?! You do it by taking control of creating and maintaining SUCCESS in every aspect of your life. This book's primary focus is Your Financial Success, but the uniqueness of my SYSTEM is that it can and should be applied to all areas of your life.

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Mr. Tycoon is a thought leader that specializes in helping leaders see the world in new ways. He has used innovation, and future vision to build his own companies, and to advise clients. He speaks to audiences across the market spectrum and never fails to send them home with at least three new ideas that can be applied right away.

Mr. Tycoon is one of very few people that can translate where trends are going how to apply them to Sales Systems with a high level of flair. It is also rare to find someone that has his combination of both “over the horizon” vision, and “in the trenches” experience. He is about TRANSFORMING, not informing.

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After Reading This Book You
Will Learn How To Get Financial Success

It's important for you to realize that financial success does not happen by accident. There is little luck or chance involved. Success in any area of your life requires you to make a conscious efort to transform your inside so that you can transform your outside. There is an old saying that what you harbor in your heart will manifest itself in your life. If you harbor the fear of bad health in your heart, your body is certain to manifest pain and disease. If you harbor the fear of poverty and failure in your heart, those fears will manifest themselves in a lack of wealth and opportunity. Likewise, if you Harbor Success in your heart, you will bring about success in your life – every area of your life that you focus on. Stop and think.

The Game of Success has rules just like any other game. Success is not a game of chance; it is not based on luck or coincidence. Yes, you must be in the right place at the right time, but that is not enough. You have to have this System to nurture and cement positive thoughts and feelings into place so that when opportunities present themselves, you are ready to act! This book presents my proven SYSTEM of Preparation for Opportunity in a practical manner.

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In this book, I will teach you the System that will teach you a very specifc way of thinking. It will teach you the importance of feeding your mind the thoughts that manifest Success. A hidden world awaits you; one that will reveal to you a way of thinking used for generations by wealthy and successful people to create and maintain life-long Success.

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